politics | youth | revolution

February 15, 2009


my partner, casey smith, just wrote an interesting, if slightly cheeky (see his last line), blog entry on youth and politics. he is calling for more youth to get involved and even run for political positions.

i agree with this position. if there is a place (and i’m not saying there necessarily is) for old stodgers in the political realm, then why shouldn’t there be an active younger voice? we need to realize that what goes on in politics affects everyone, including/especially the youth; and if we don’t actually DO something about it, we will be continually overlooked and marginalized.

politics affects the arts.

politics affects the youth.

politics affects the public AND the personal.

we must ACT!

i’m an artist, but who’s to say an artist can’t make a political statement … well, at least, who’s gonna stop me. if the students in france could cause such a great change in their political and social landscape in ’68, what’s stopping the youth of today from getting involved in the political arena?

the answer is: ourselves.

let’s change that.