more time!

November 5, 2007

i just got my wish … more time! well, an hour more. thanks daylight savings or whatever you’re called now! and what did i do with my extra hour of time? i SLEPT!



November 2, 2007

sometimes it feels like i have no time to do anything. it’s a fact that to do anything, i need time.

but what happens when i don’t have time? or the time has just gone? where does time go?

i often wish i had more of it, but then i think i might just end up wondering where all that extra time went.

i can’t hold onto time, it just keeps moving. so maybe i need to keep moving too … but that seems so tiresome. i’m too fond of stillness to move all of the time.

so maybe i just need to be more aware of what i’m doing with my time. that way i won’t be left wondering where it all went, because i’ll have been keeping track. that might be nice.