Rudimentary illuminators and panels of wood commingle to create ghosts and suspect art gallery patrons in the work of artist David Hoffos, whose presentations have taken the form of large-scale gallery installations to miniature dioramas hidden away, carved into the gallery walls. His created environments have strong immersive qualities to them, from the darkness that engulfs the participant, to the suggestion of place and time by the almost theatrical (Hoffos also works as a set designer for theatre) set constructions, and he has even used oscillating fans in one work to create a sense of the night breeze. Hoffos is a scrounger, borrower, and all-around innovator, wanting to get the most out of every medium he explores, to the point where his work often incorporates out-dated technologies doing very contemporary and boundary pushing activities generally associated with much more advanced systems.

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urban intervention

November 3, 2007

this is the mock-up for my diva200 urban intervention project. the intervention will be located upstairs in the emily carr institute’s library, at the computer station in the back. i will be creating a “cover” (the red square image in my mock-up) for the computer screen that will allow the viewer limited visual access. they will only be able to see information on the screen that is contained within the cut-out portion.


this is my project. it’s a geographically oriented, personal history of breakage. it contains written accounts and links to possible (re)connections.

my diva200 panorama

October 15, 2007

diva200 panorama project

this panorama displays my process for shooting the project … lots of waiting around.