July 10, 2011

here’s a few blogs i’ve recently been made aware of.

the first is my friend Jacquelyn’s blog, Music That Resonates.  it’s a music blog, and Jacquelyn’s definitely the person to go to for info on new and interesting music.  she was the music supervisor on my short film, The Gesture, and is the head of music licensing at Core Music Agency.

the second is the blog of a new friend of mine (who I met through Jacquelyn), Kate, and it’s called Lady Business.  supposedly it started out as a forum for Kate to express her thoughts on feminism, and has expanded to include many of her other interests. she’s also a photographer and the site allows her to showcase her work.

thirdly and finally is the blog for the gallery i’m currently employed at, Winsor Gallery.  the blog is a way for the gallery to showcase its artists’ accomplishments and publicize events and goings on that are of interest to us. example: one of our new artists, Vancouver based Fiona Ackerman, just had her work in the yearly art sale, The Cheaper Show (all art, $200! = the cheaper show!) and was showcased with an interview in The Block, an online magazine.



December 7, 2009

check out the links on the side of my blog – there’s great stuff like:

the sartorialist – a photo/fashion blog with pics of fashionable people, usually right off the street, like this —>

radio lab – listen to this awesome radio program online, investigates everything from theoretical conceptions of time to why we laugh to stochasticity

said the gramophone – music reviews plus downloadable (for a limited time) mp3’s of the songs – check out their list of the best songs of 2009 (very indie)

and there’s so many other interesting links! have fun!


wavves is a band.  they’re kinda popular right now, and here’s a link to a ridiculous interview (in the village voice) with the guy (his name’s also Nathan, but that’s where the similarities end, thankfully) behind the “magic”.  it’s either very profound (see pitchfork review), or profoundly very not (see hipster runoff).  probably the latter, although the music is kinda catchy in a noise-pop-rock-fun kinda way.

Au Revoir Simone

July 3, 2009

au revoir simone

Au Revoir Simone is a great band, comprised of three young women from Brooklyn, NY. I first heard about them when I saw them play here in Vancouver at the Media Club a few years back. My friend Antoine invited me to the show. He had toured (as his project Montag) with the girls and had really good things to say about them. He was right.

The girls just released their most recent album, Still Night, Still Light.  It sounds very much like their other stuff, which is at all not a bad thing.  They’ve got a good sound and they’re sticking to it.

Antoine Bédard (aka MONTAG)

Montag recently released a new album in February of 2009 called Hibernation. It’s available for purchace here.

Au Revoir Simone’s official website.

Montag’s official website.

Here’s a song/video from Au Revoir Simone:

And this is a “teaser” video of bits of songs from Montag’s previous album, Going Places. A bunch of my friends are featured in the video (hey Hazel)!

grizzly bear

May 27, 2009

grizzly bear live












final fantasy's ep, "spectrum, 14th century"it’s the first of two new EP’s from Owen Pallett’s Final Fantasy moniker. sometimes i wonder if Pallett loves us or hates us, i mean his listeners. i think it’s a productive combination of the two. he seems to hate that his songs might be too palatable (pun intended) to a wide (read: popular) audience, and so he adds some dissonance and discord. this was most evident in his last FF work, “he poos clouds”, which took a very “dramatic” and despondent tone, musically and lyrically. and “spectrum, 14th century” definitely begins in this vein with the song “oh, spectrum”, unmelodious to an almost off-key effect (okay the bird chirps are beautiful). however, with the second track “blue imelda”, Pallett reconciles his/our anxiety and angst (at least acoustically) with a pleasing and assonant melody. it’s almost like he was smart enough to know that the first song would take the listener through a kind of acoustic bad dream, and the second song would lift her out of it and into an other worldly … fantasy.

Pallett is a fantastically proficient songwriter and performer; he knows song like most people know breath. so any criticism of his productions is forced to address his choices and his approach to the craft, rather than bringing into question his talent or abilities. and he’s also cute as a gay Canadian button, which i can’t say is such a bad thing. i look forward to his third full length album to be released in spring 2009.

as a side note, you’ve got to catch Pallett on tour as Final Fantasy; his live show is something of a minor miracle.  he plays his violin into a loopback machine and builds his songs layer by layer.  for one tour he had an artist friend of his on stage creating animations on an old school overhead projector.

free radio (head)

November 23, 2007


radiohead is giving away their newest album (in rainbows) for as little as $0.00

neat. is it any good? i’m gonna “buy” it and see … however you do need to give up some personal info, like your name and address. so although it is not costing you any $$$, it is costing you a bit of privacy.