how straight of us!

April 28, 2008

A recent article entitled Young Gay Rites in the New York Times Magazine explores gay marriage and the phenomenon of young gay men settling down together in the hetero-tradition of married life. The article seems to (at least subconsciously) pose the (rhetorical) question: Are the gays going straight?

The article comes at a pertinent time for me, as I’ve recently been exploring the issue of queer identity through my own long-term relationship with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for over eight years now, and though we are not officially “married”, we do lead a lifestyle that is effectively as committed and codependent as if we were.

This is short video I made at the Emily Carr Institute (where I am currently a third-year Film/Video/Media Arts major), exploring the ideas of commitment and difference:


after … (???)

March 11, 2008

this VIDEO HAIKU was constructed by myself, incorporating appropriated images, sound, and text.

the subject of appropriation has come up in some of my previous blog postings.  is appropriation ethical? is art supposed to be ethical? appropriation has a long and contentious history in art making and the art world. my VIDEO HAIKU speaks to identity and self discovery — but also, through my use of appropriation, brings into question how personal identity is constructed? it also raises concerns around originality and authenticity in the realms of art, the artist, and the individual.

the artists represented in my VIDEO HAIKU are Attila Richard Lukacs (images), Animal Collective (sound), and Kijo Murakami (text).