butter, the old fashioned way

February 23, 2011

so, my good friend aneil has launched his culinarily inspired blog entitled “make your own butter“.  as the name suggests, aneil’s blog is an exploration of the world of food from a do-it-yourself, back-to-basics sort of mind set.

to date, he’s got recipes for homemade butter, sauerkraut and a traditional punjabi dish called subzi.  with only three posts so far, not only has he already lived up to his blog’s name, but also its byline: “a blog about punjabi cooking, home-made dairy products, mason jars and so on.”

experimenting with homemade food, like making his own butter, yogurt and sourdough starter (for sourdough bread), is something i’ve always admired in aneil.  knowing that, it’ll be very interesting to see what he publishes online.  whatever he chooses to share with us, i’m sure it will be unique and enlightening – even if we only ever read about making our own butter, rather than having rely on our (probably very rusty!) churning skills or whatever the process requires these days (aneil suggests a food processor).