August 7, 2011

Practice. Experiential. Performance. Happening. Research. Based on. Politics. Place. Political. Investigation. Series. Way in which. Developed. Civic space. Art. Work. Provide. Experience. Visual. Problematized. Created. Elements. Experience. Senses. Images. Sense. In the case of. At this time. Information. Access the work. Documenta. Cocking a gun. Great success. Sold. Museum. Press. Disappointed. Conversation. Create. Experience. Space for discussion. Given. Deliver. Work. Engage. Commitment. Separate. Art world. Social timing. Visualization. Unstable. Renegotiation. Status. Statement. Body art. In a way. Agreement. Legal. Negotiate. Timing. Document. Imagination. Institution. Outside. Providers. Privileges. Capsule. Dressed. Surrounding. Symbol. Interesting. High profile. Curators. Weird, but not weird enough. Oh, this is art. Events. Public space. Strategies. Impacts. Project. Encounter. Workshop. Announcement. Situation. Show. Camera. Invite. Discussion. Event. Opening. Enter. Monkeys. Eagles. Problematic. Solve. Useful. Symbolically effective.  Actual. Solve. Re-stage. Areas. Manifestation. Revolt. Techniques. Museums. Situation. Not artists. Performance. Sold. Transform. Liberated. Economically. Persecution. Denouncing. Liberation. Equality. Liberate. Equal. Co-creator. Highly politicized. Audience. Space for discussion. Enter. Aspects. Not so comfortable. Political art. Preconceptions. Duties. Approaching. Uncomfortable. Panel discussion. Conflict. Aspect. Actually. Control. Social spaces. Preconception. Unresolved. Play a lot with memory. Authorship. Authority. Distribution. Capitalism. Planted. Attack.



July 30, 2011

That which I was responding to. Didactic. Process. Speaks to. Information. Material. Experience. Embodied. Installation. Laying. Projection. Space. Reverie. Engages. Opens-up. Image. Appearing. Ground. Points. Reversed. Systems. Comprehend. External. Viewer. Construct. Building. Twinkling. Sensual. Calculated. Discernible. Direct. Rupture. Formulated. Proposing. Activity. Quantitative. Shift. Status quo. Describes. Pragmatic. Gesture. Programmatic. Proposal. Work. Materiality. Social structures.

Reaction. Rules. Object. Visitor. Person. Formulated. Basic. Repopularised. Template. Formally. Organized. Chaotic. Unstructured. Interested. Aesthetic. Motifs. Chosen. The way that. At some point. Reading. Nonsensical. Passage of time. Simply. Artifact. Forgery. Contemporary. Render. Suggests. Documents. Sort of like. Very much. Defined objects. Questionable. Process. Redrawing. Abstract. Marks. Undefined. Remembering. Imperfection.


July 29, 2011

Studio. Midnight. Dropped. Beer. Latest work. Hand-rendered. Fluorescent. Apocalyptic. Heavy metal. Expertly executed. Expressions. Suburban. Diverted. Adjacent. Jam. Rockers. Amplifiers. Steven Shearer. Remarkable. Facility. Virtuosity. Ability. Magical. Mastered. Craft. Adolescence. Basement. Stardom. Draw. Ultimatum. Art school. Reputation. Geometry. Notions. Expressivity. Figurative. Produced. Bodies of work. Indisputable. Ideologically. Enlightenment. Modernism. Construction. Fitted. Derived. Suggest. Activity. Pursue. Aesthetic. Ethos. Module. Problem. Structures. Affect. Sublimation. Primitive. At odds with. Invokes. Figure. Youth. Rebellious spirit. Modification. Autonomous. Naively utopian. Cynical capitulation. Exhibited. Collectively. Minimalism. Pop Realism. Andy Warhol. Affirmative. Consumers. Gleaned. Iconic. Feminized. Pubescent. Portraits. Dubious. Text-only. Interpreted. Presentations. Self-portraits. Confusion. Richard Prince. Re-victimizing. Subjects. Relation. Identification. Negotiate. Pioneered. Rauschenberg. Cady Noland. Sloppy registration. Precise. Mechanical reproduction. Sigmar Polke. Richard Prince. Martin Kippenberger. Ostensibly. Picasso. Paradigmatic. Canvas. Grainy. Substrate. Jackson Pollock. Cathartic. Death metal. Prefab. Frenetic. Series. Research. Heat-laminated. Monochrome ground. Snapshots. Proletarian. Symbols. Appropriating. Violation. Emblematic. Referencing. Lumpen. Formal. Documentary. Unresolved. Caravaggio. Sacred. High modernism. Autobiographical. Anthropological. Gerhard Richter. Ruse. Beaux-arts. Composition. Affectation.