wavves is a band.  they’re kinda popular right now, and here’s a link to a ridiculous interview (in the village voice) with the guy (his name’s also Nathan, but that’s where the similarities end, thankfully) behind the “magic”.  it’s either very profound (see pitchfork review), or profoundly very not (see hipster runoff).  probably the latter, although the music is kinda catchy in a noise-pop-rock-fun kinda way.


Au Revoir Simone

July 3, 2009

au revoir simone

Au Revoir Simone is a great band, comprised of three young women from Brooklyn, NY. I first heard about them when I saw them play here in Vancouver at the Media Club a few years back. My friend Antoine invited me to the show. He had toured (as his project Montag) with the girls and had really good things to say about them. He was right.

The girls just released their most recent album, Still Night, Still Light.  It sounds very much like their other stuff, which is at all not a bad thing.  They’ve got a good sound and they’re sticking to it.

Antoine Bédard (aka MONTAG)

Montag recently released a new album in February of 2009 called Hibernation. It’s available for purchace here.

Au Revoir Simone’s official website.

Montag’s official website.

Here’s a song/video from Au Revoir Simone:

And this is a “teaser” video of bits of songs from Montag’s previous album, Going Places. A bunch of my friends are featured in the video (hey Hazel)!