Blueberry and Poppyseed Butter Cake

A favourite cake of my father’s is a poppyseed angel food cake, and when I was growing up, my mother would bake one annually for his birthday. I have fond memories of the dessert, often glazed in a thin and not too sweet chocolate icing. The tiny black seeds are thusly associated in my mind to a kind of celebratory luxury.

When I came across Alice Waters’ recipe for a poppyseed cake that incorporated plenty of fresh blueberries, I could not resist testing it out. It is from her new-ish book, The Art of Simple Food II, published in 2013, as a follow up to her amazing The Art of Simple Food, from 2007. Despite the fact that the deliciously plump blueberries are not yet in season here in Vancouver, the markets often carry them anyway, and there are enough markets around the West End that one can usually find not too bad of a deal on a pint or two of fresh ones. As well, a jar of poppyseeds from the great spice shop, Penzeys, which I picked up at their downtown shop in Seattle, had been sitting in my cupboard, biding its time patiently for just such an occasion. Read the rest of this entry »