August 14, 2011

From The Believer, a great article by C.S. Leigh on the way cinema is evolving.  With the decline of movie theatre attendance, and a move towards digital viewing on ever more portable devices, the time when a viewer was trapped in a nearly one-on-one dialogue with a film is fading away.  We can now pause, rewind, skip ahead, and sometimes altogether ignore a movie.  We can perform other tasks, like texting or surfing the internet while “watching” a movie – moving our attention back and forth from the screen.  The power of a film/filmmaker to hold our attention, and thusly, to physically activate our viewing experience is drained from this contemporary form of viewership.  We no longer have to sit through the full 484 minutes of Andy Warhol’s “Empire” (that anyone would ever want to is beside the point) or even Michael Snow’s less lengthy, 45 minute “Wavelength”, we can simply throw it on in the background or catch the highlights on YouTube.

Below are some highlights from the article, but you should definitely read it in full, which you can do by clicking on this link:

Be sure to read to the end of the article, where Leigh lays out a hilarious example of when cell phones meet black & white films from the 60’s in an Atom Egoyan short.

“You could also have a very different relationship with a film depending on where and with whom you watched it. An audience at a university cinema in L.A. had a solemn, nearly funereal reaction to Pasolini’s Salò, based on Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom (they seemed uncertain whether they had just witnessed a film or a crime); later, I watched the same film at the Accattone in Paris with an audience that couldn’t stop laughing.

As cinema becomes more portable, more easily created, and less difficult to acquire, it also runs the risk of forfeiting one of its greatest attributes—its physicality. Its necessary exertions.”

– C.S. Leigh (from his article “Contemplating the New Physicality of Cinema” in The Believer, March/April 2009)



August 7, 2011

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August 5, 2011

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July 30, 2011

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July 29, 2011

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July 10, 2011

here’s a few blogs i’ve recently been made aware of.

the first is my friend Jacquelyn’s blog, Music That Resonates.  it’s a music blog, and Jacquelyn’s definitely the person to go to for info on new and interesting music.  she was the music supervisor on my short film, The Gesture, and is the head of music licensing at Core Music Agency.

the second is the blog of a new friend of mine (who I met through Jacquelyn), Kate, and it’s called Lady Business.  supposedly it started out as a forum for Kate to express her thoughts on feminism, and has expanded to include many of her other interests. she’s also a photographer and the site allows her to showcase her work.

thirdly and finally is the blog for the gallery i’m currently employed at, Winsor Gallery.  the blog is a way for the gallery to showcase its artists’ accomplishments and publicize events and goings on that are of interest to us. example: one of our new artists, Vancouver based Fiona Ackerman, just had her work in the yearly art sale, The Cheaper Show (all art, $200! = the cheaper show!) and was showcased with an interview in The Block, an online magazine.

butter, the old fashioned way

February 23, 2011

so, my good friend aneil has launched his culinarily inspired blog entitled “make your own butter“.  as the name suggests, aneil’s blog is an exploration of the world of food from a do-it-yourself, back-to-basics sort of mind set.

to date, he’s got recipes for homemade butter, sauerkraut and a traditional punjabi dish called subzi.  with only three posts so far, not only has he already lived up to his blog’s name, but also its byline: “a blog about punjabi cooking, home-made dairy products, mason jars and so on.”

experimenting with homemade food, like making his own butter, yogurt and sourdough starter (for sourdough bread), is something i’ve always admired in aneil.  knowing that, it’ll be very interesting to see what he publishes online.  whatever he chooses to share with us, i’m sure it will be unique and enlightening – even if we only ever read about making our own butter, rather than having rely on our (probably very rusty!) churning skills or whatever the process requires these days (aneil suggests a food processor).