July 30, 2011

That which I was responding to. Didactic. Process. Speaks to. Information. Material. Experience. Embodied. Installation. Laying. Projection. Space. Reverie. Engages. Opens-up. Image. Appearing. Ground. Points. Reversed. Systems. Comprehend. External. Viewer. Construct. Building. Twinkling. Sensual. Calculated. Discernible. Direct. Rupture. Formulated. Proposing. Activity. Quantitative. Shift. Status quo. Describes. Pragmatic. Gesture. Programmatic. Proposal. Work. Materiality. Social structures.

Reaction. Rules. Object. Visitor. Person. Formulated. Basic. Repopularised. Template. Formally. Organized. Chaotic. Unstructured. Interested. Aesthetic. Motifs. Chosen. The way that. At some point. Reading. Nonsensical. Passage of time. Simply. Artifact. Forgery. Contemporary. Render. Suggests. Documents. Sort of like. Very much. Defined objects. Questionable. Process. Redrawing. Abstract. Marks. Undefined. Remembering. Imperfection.



July 29, 2011

Studio. Midnight. Dropped. Beer. Latest work. Hand-rendered. Fluorescent. Apocalyptic. Heavy metal. Expertly executed. Expressions. Suburban. Diverted. Adjacent. Jam. Rockers. Amplifiers. Steven Shearer. Remarkable. Facility. Virtuosity. Ability. Magical. Mastered. Craft. Adolescence. Basement. Stardom. Draw. Ultimatum. Art school. Reputation. Geometry. Notions. Expressivity. Figurative. Produced. Bodies of work. Indisputable. Ideologically. Enlightenment. Modernism. Construction. Fitted. Derived. Suggest. Activity. Pursue. Aesthetic. Ethos. Module. Problem. Structures. Affect. Sublimation. Primitive. At odds with. Invokes. Figure. Youth. Rebellious spirit. Modification. Autonomous. Naively utopian. Cynical capitulation. Exhibited. Collectively. Minimalism. Pop Realism. Andy Warhol. Affirmative. Consumers. Gleaned. Iconic. Feminized. Pubescent. Portraits. Dubious. Text-only. Interpreted. Presentations. Self-portraits. Confusion. Richard Prince. Re-victimizing. Subjects. Relation. Identification. Negotiate. Pioneered. Rauschenberg. Cady Noland. Sloppy registration. Precise. Mechanical reproduction. Sigmar Polke. Richard Prince. Martin Kippenberger. Ostensibly. Picasso. Paradigmatic. Canvas. Grainy. Substrate. Jackson Pollock. Cathartic. Death metal. Prefab. Frenetic. Series. Research. Heat-laminated. Monochrome ground. Snapshots. Proletarian. Symbols. Appropriating. Violation. Emblematic. Referencing. Lumpen. Formal. Documentary. Unresolved. Caravaggio. Sacred. High modernism. Autobiographical. Anthropological. Gerhard Richter. Ruse. Beaux-arts. Composition. Affectation.


July 10, 2011

here’s a few blogs i’ve recently been made aware of.

the first is my friend Jacquelyn’s blog, Music That Resonates.  it’s a music blog, and Jacquelyn’s definitely the person to go to for info on new and interesting music.  she was the music supervisor on my short film, The Gesture, and is the head of music licensing at Core Music Agency.

the second is the blog of a new friend of mine (who I met through Jacquelyn), Kate, and it’s called Lady Business.  supposedly it started out as a forum for Kate to express her thoughts on feminism, and has expanded to include many of her other interests. she’s also a photographer and the site allows her to showcase her work.

thirdly and finally is the blog for the gallery i’m currently employed at, Winsor Gallery.  the blog is a way for the gallery to showcase its artists’ accomplishments and publicize events and goings on that are of interest to us. example: one of our new artists, Vancouver based Fiona Ackerman, just had her work in the yearly art sale, The Cheaper Show (all art, $200! = the cheaper show!) and was showcased with an interview in The Block, an online magazine.