First & Last POST for JUNE

June 30, 2009

Just for consistency’s sake, here’s a quick and dirty post for the month of June.


So this month has gone by rather rapidly.  I should have been writing the script for my grad project, but instead I bought a bike, took lots of pictures with Nick’s Nikon D60 and worked just enough to pay the bills (barely).

My baby sister graduated high school.  I had a terrible cold.  And Pacific Cinematheque screened Fellini’s fabulous Amarcord – which I won a pair of tickets to go see!

federico fellini's amarcord

And Woody Allen’s new movie, Whatever Works, came out here in Vancouver.  It’s funny.  Larry David is hilariously rough around the edges and Evan Rachel Wood’s character is a kind of homage to Mira Sorvino’s in Allen’s earlier Mighty Aphrodite.  Perhaps not as funny as Small Time Crooks, nor as finely tuned and passionate as Vicky Christina Barcelona, Whatever Works is a charmingly capable comedy that has moments of something more.


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