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May 2, 2008

remodernism is a reaction to that mammothine (sic) beast postmodernism, according to my quick and dirty wikiperesearch (sic, again).

the remodernists call for a (re)infusion of emotion and “spirituality” into art. they see (that other mammoth-like creature) modernism as having had the potential for this, but never succeeded before it was squashed out by the popularity of pomo.

the ideology of remodernism can be discovered lurking in the fringes of the film world as well, with such remodernist filmmakers as jesse richards and nicholas watson, harris smith, and wolf howard, and has included the recent work of (famously No Wave Cinema) filmmaker amos poe.

the remodernist movement grew out of what is popularly known as the stuckist movement in art, a pseudo-revolutionary movement whose own STUCKIST MANIFESTO called for an end to the cynicism of conceptual and pomo and a rejuvenation of a deeper and more spiritually profound direction in art.

the stuckist name and subsequent manifesto was inspired by a quote from Tracey Emin:

“Your paintings are stuck,
you are stuck!
Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!”

here’s a trailer for amos poe’s EMPIRE II (2007), which is a kind of follow-up to warhol’s own EMPIRE (1964).


5 Responses to “reModernize? … my movies”

  1. […] nathanz added an interesting post today on reModernize? ⦠my moviesHere’s a small readingremodernism is a reaction to that mammothine (sic) beast postmodernism, according to my quick and dirty wikipedesearch (sic, again). the remodernists call for a (re)infusion of emotion and “spirituality” into art. they see (that other … […]

  2. Jesse Richards Says:

    Amos’ influence on the idea of Remodernist film mostly was in connection with his No-wave film “The Foreigner”. (Which is amazing and you all should see it if you haven’t yet!) Both his and Wolf’s involvement was mostly in a sort of “honorary member” sort of way. Remodernist Film and Photography as a “group” remains in hibernation as there isn’t any money for consistent film output (at least speaking for myself). However people are encouraged to make their own advances in exploring the idea of Remodernist film. I would suggest exploring the works of Andrei Tarkovsky (especially “Zerkalo”/”The Mirror”) and Jean Vigo’s work (“Zero For Conduct” and “L’Atalante”) as well as making their own Remodernist films.

  3. Jesse Richards Says:

    I just realized that I forgot to finish my train of thought about Amos- which is that I didn’t know about his new work (Empire II) and didn’t realize that he was considering it Remodernist. I will check it out once I’m at a computer with sound.

    Also I highly recommend Wolf Howard’s Super-8 films that he made with Billy Childish, as well as the work by Harris Smith, including “Modern Young Man” and “You Can’t See Me When I Hide”.

  4. nathanz Says:

    Jesse, thanks for the info and recommendations! i’m quite in love with how blogs can spread ideas and information so quickly and efficiently!

    i’m new to the ideas of the Remodernist movement and wrote this entry as i was interested in spreading the news, so that others who may not have been familiar would have a better chance of discovering it.

  5. Earliness Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Earliness.

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