fatal vancouver shooting

January 20, 2008

another one? yup. last night, saturday, january 19, near au bar, the night club on seymour street in downtown vancouver, bc. i was at an art opening at a tattoo parlor right across the street from where the shooting happened. we were waiting for our friends to arrive, and we noticed police lights outside, decided to check it out, and there, just a few yards away, was a shot up SUV and two men lying on the curb, dead. the whole area was taped off by the police, and there were a ton of people standing around. the dead men were unceremoniously splayed out on the sidewalk, uncovered and face up for all to see. this was around 10:30 pm. soon after, a police officer began shouting at all the bystanders to move on, and we took his “advice”. it was a surreal experience, because i don’t feel that effected by the whole thing, but i just saw two men dead, recently violently killed. it feels like such an “urban” experience, like something so much a part of the modern city life. violence. death. murder.


5 Responses to “fatal vancouver shooting”

  1. The Province Says:

    […] a dramatic shot of the crime scene.Another was attending an art opening across the street and gave this account on a blog.Reporter Lora Grindlay is speaking with police at 1 p.m. today, so we should have more […]

  2. frmad Says:

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  3. matt Says:

    Just found your post via WordPress ‘random post’.

    That is weird. Two men shot up, their time no more, their road to their death, how they got there, who knows. You go back to your ‘art opening’ a little freaked out and carry on drinking.

    Shooting is outta control over here in London too, particularly with teenagers and even more so black teenagers. Think is was 26 killed just in London in 2007.

    Like I say, it’s outta control.

  4. erin Says:

    I’m glad you weren’t involved in ANY way. That’s scary Naters.

  5. emmacampbell Says:

    That is horrendous. Like Erin wrote above, I am glad you are okay!

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