break! (after charlie brown)

December 18, 2007


so, it’s christmas break, and i’ve been busy breaking things. my tooth is broken, which in turn is breaking the skin inside of my cheek (ouch). i’m breaking the bank, and the bank is breaking me (consumerism is so bad/good/bad).

i’m breaking new ground: today i went to the granville island market and bought some rainbow trout among other edible items, and prepared dinner for some good friends and myself.

on the menu — roasted yam and garlic soup (courtesy of rebar cookbook); french lentils cooked in rosé wine (thanks to menus from an orchard table); pancetta-wrapped rainbow trout with roasted tomato sauce (also from menus from an orchard table)

cooking takes time, and this was no exception. i began preparation at noon, and we ate at 8:30pm. the soup was quite involved, and took the longest from start to finish, mostly because of the roasting of the vegetables. the roasted tomato sauce for the trout was also an elaborate process, but well worth it. thankfully there were good friends to share in my achievement, and they even alleviated some of the work for me by bringing dessert (my friend Josue made a delicious tiramisu).

i look forward to seeing what else i can break this holiday season!


2 Responses to “break! (after charlie brown)”

  1. erin Says:

    how did I miss this dinner! 🙂 And shame about your tooth… and your cheek for that matter. As this comment is rather late, perhaps it has already healed, and my concern is now invalid. Wait, concern is never invalid, is it? OH nevermind!

  2. webdiva Says:

    reminds me of your ‘lost’ piece

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