white. (after robert rauschenberg)

December 12, 2007








4 Responses to “white. (after robert rauschenberg)”

  1. erin Says:

    I don’t get it…… 😉

  2. nathanz Says:

    that’s okay, i don’t get it either

  3. julz Says:

    why do you reference robert rauschenberg? why is it after? you have not comented on his white seies, you have just replicated them. have I misunderstood your intention?

  4. nathanz Says:

    have i not “commented” by simply posting a representation of rauschenberg’s work? what you see in front of you is not (exactly) his “white paintings”. primarily, you see an electronic mediation and representation of his work; secondarily, you view it through the framework of my blog site.

    and what does my intention matter? if you see something in what i have done, then you see something. if you see nothing in my post on/after rauschenberg, then that is just as valid a position: you see nothing in it.

    i am glad you asked your questions. and check out the link below in regards to the work of sherrie levine, an artist whom this post (and the other “after” posts) is greatly indebted to (more than rauschenberg!).


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