De Palma vs. Cuban

November 15, 2007


here’s a very illuminating clip from a press conference for Brian De Palma’s new film Redacted.  De Palma talks about his political motivations for making the picture, as well he addresses the issue that his film has been itself redacted by its producers.  the clip brings to the front the question of how “free” is expression in America (i wonder if we’re any more free here in Canada) when De Palma discusses his attempt to include a montage sequence made up of found photographs from the internet, and the legal issues that scared off his producers (one Mr Cuban) from allowing it to air unedited in the film.  the clip speaks to artistic choice and freedom in a democratic and free society (does De Palma have the right to use these found images as he sees fit? do the subjects of those images have the right to in turn sue the film’s producers?  even if said images were in the public domain (ie: the internet)?).  many thought provoking points are brought up in this short clip, and its worth watching.


One Response to “De Palma vs. Cuban”

  1. Casey Smith Says:

    What is particularly interesting is that Mark Cuban would object to the montage sequence. Cuban is a well known billionaire who in his capacity as owner of a professional basketball team has frequently been fined by the NBA for making inflammatory statements, particularly about referees. Cuban is by most accounts a maverick (his team is in fact the Dallas Mavericks) who courts controversy, says what he wants, and damn the consequences. Methinks that Mr. Cuban must have had some sort of strong legal advice that scared him enough to object to using photos that were potentially copyrighted by unknown people.

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