hollis frampton

November 14, 2007


this is a great site featuring some biographical and investigative information on hollis frampton and a selection of his experimental films. for frampton the idea of film as a medium for presenting narrative was a restricting and near sighted one. he looked beyond narrative form in filmmaking, and thoroughly explored more conceptual means of filmic representation.

and this is a piece of free downloadable and usable video “manipulation” software called HF Critical Mass. created by barbara lattanzi and conceptually based on frampton’s short film Critical Mass (1971), HFCM allows the user to input a video of her choosing and manipulate a number of its elements to a limited extent.


One Response to “hollis frampton”

  1. shannoh Says:

    That’s so cool. He morphed the lunar landing into hip hop! I’ll watch more later…strapped for time as usual.

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