Art Review’s Power 100

November 30, 2007


I’m not on the list. Are you?



Rudimentary illuminators and panels of wood commingle to create ghosts and suspect art gallery patrons in the work of artist David Hoffos, whose presentations have taken the form of large-scale gallery installations to miniature dioramas hidden away, carved into the gallery walls. His created environments have strong immersive qualities to them, from the darkness that engulfs the participant, to the suggestion of place and time by the almost theatrical (Hoffos also works as a set designer for theatre) set constructions, and he has even used oscillating fans in one work to create a sense of the night breeze. Hoffos is a scrounger, borrower, and all-around innovator, wanting to get the most out of every medium he explores, to the point where his work often incorporates out-dated technologies doing very contemporary and boundary pushing activities generally associated with much more advanced systems.

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free radio (head)

November 23, 2007


radiohead is giving away their newest album (in rainbows) for as little as $0.00

neat. is it any good? i’m gonna “buy” it and see … however you do need to give up some personal info, like your name and address. so although it is not costing you any $$$, it is costing you a bit of privacy.

i am the news

November 22, 2007


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De Palma vs. Cuban

November 15, 2007


here’s a very illuminating clip from a press conference for Brian De Palma’s new film Redacted.  De Palma talks about his political motivations for making the picture, as well he addresses the issue that his film has been itself redacted by its producers.  the clip brings to the front the question of how “free” is expression in America (i wonder if we’re any more free here in Canada) when De Palma discusses his attempt to include a montage sequence made up of found photographs from the internet, and the legal issues that scared off his producers (one Mr Cuban) from allowing it to air unedited in the film.  the clip speaks to artistic choice and freedom in a democratic and free society (does De Palma have the right to use these found images as he sees fit? do the subjects of those images have the right to in turn sue the film’s producers?  even if said images were in the public domain (ie: the internet)?).  many thought provoking points are brought up in this short clip, and its worth watching.

hollis frampton

November 14, 2007


this is a great site featuring some biographical and investigative information on hollis frampton and a selection of his experimental films. for frampton the idea of film as a medium for presenting narrative was a restricting and near sighted one. he looked beyond narrative form in filmmaking, and thoroughly explored more conceptual means of filmic representation.

and this is a piece of free downloadable and usable video “manipulation” software called HF Critical Mass. created by barbara lattanzi and conceptually based on frampton’s short film Critical Mass (1971), HFCM allows the user to input a video of her choosing and manipulate a number of its elements to a limited extent.


November 14, 2007


i made some very tasty lemon ricotta cookies!  you can get the recipe (by Giata De Laurentiis) online here at the foodnetwork website. i’d recommend baking them for only 12 minutes instead of the 15 the recipe calls for — the bottoms brown quite quickly, and burned cookie bottoms are just not acceptable.